SH Accessories (DarkRP) Leak

Out of things to buy with your money on DarkRP? Buy a hat! This add-on adds an accessory system to your server. These accessories can be bought and equipped at an NPC you can place on the map.


  • Equip a hat, glasses and a bandana or just wear an animal mask; the possibilities are endless.
  • Hat clipping into your player model? With the «Adjust» feature, you can slightly move, rotate or scale your accessory so that it fits your model better.
  • You choose what content to use. The script does not come with any accessory content of any kind but does provide a list of recommended content add-ons which are supported natively.
  • Made a hat model and you’d would like to integrate it into the script? No problem, the script has a visual editor allowing you to create accessories quickly.
  • Even after the release, I will periodically add support for new accessories, available for free.
  • Restrict some accessories to a select few; custom filter function, usergroup filter or SteamID filter.
  • Limit the number of accessories a player or group can wear, how much they can adjust their accessories or how much they get by selling them; the configuration is extensive so that it allows you to fine-tune the script as much as possible.
  • After buying a hat you can quickly switch to it in the Overview menu. Beats having to find it in the category list.
  • A simple but effective menu with clean design and smooth animations. It even has a search bar to look for your favorite hats quickly!
  • Key binds to quickly navigate through the interface.
  • A great amount of time has been spent on optimizing the add-on, ensuring you the best performance
  • Uses a language table for easy translation into your language (French translation is included in the config file)

The script only works on DarkRP but can be made to work for other gamemodes. If you want to use it on TTT or something, just run PointShop or something.


  1. Extract the sh_accessory_system folder into your server’s addons folder.
  2. Open accessory_addons.lua. From there you can choose what Workshop add-on you’d like to enable; Enabling a Workshop add-on will make it, so clients download the content when joining. A list of supported add-ons by the script by default is provided in the file. Enabling a recommended add-on will automatically create the accessory objects to be added in the Shop.
  3. In accessory_config.lua, you can configure the add-on to your likings. One important option to modify is SH_ACC.NPCSpawns which decides where the Accessory Vendors should spawn!

If you want to create your own accessories, run the sh_accessories_editor command to get started!

If you want to give accessories from the server’s console, you can use the sh_accessories_give <steamid> <accessory id> command — good for donation systems!

An in-depth PDF guide can be found here!

I want YOU to make a hat for me!

I can’t create models but I can create the accessories if you provide me the models. Just make a support ticket.

I want a feature in particular!

If you want something sur mesure, drop a message somewhere, and I’ll see what I can do

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