NZR fnaf_beta4

{Имя конфигурации} = {nz_rp_freddyspizzatown_v3d; fnaf_beta4
«Описание»: «[you plan to visit your 3 friends where they now live at the new fnaf pizzeria town however things do not go as planned, When you arrive you notice the town is a mess theres destroyed/trashed cars everywhere theres barricades blocking access to certain buildings theres bodys all over the place. You become worried for your friends not knowing what happened to them but one thing is sure you can not help them if you do not survive yourself!. now you must fight your way to the diffrent parts of the map find your friends and escape.]»,
«ID карты»: «[355947850]»,
«Создатель»: «[cybergamerpaws]»,
«Название пакета»: «[Nzombies ressurection in the fnaf pizzera town can you and your friends survive?]»,
«Использованные пакеты»: {перечислены в разделе требований},
«Запись»: «[all credit for the map i used goes to
}{конец}[/abuse the config or copy it to claim it as your own will result in me coming after you no questions asked as i worked hard on this config thank you]

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