Realistic Food

Ported with permission from Dolgid
Link to original SFM addon here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2693692554&searchtext=Dolgid

[Intended for artwork use mainly]

[These are effects, not props]

Some realistic food because you can never have enough food on the workshop, some of these models have weird sizes so you need effect resizer, it’s been set as required for convenience.

Problems: Wacky sizes on the models, just need resizer to fix, it’s set as required anywho.


Me: Porting to Gmod and Thumbnail/Preview Art

Dolgid: Porting to Source Filmmaker

Quixel Megascans: The models

Tags (Ignore): 4K Quixel Megascans Port SFM Source Filmmaker Fruit Fruits Bread Food Natural Nature Consumable Consumables Realistic Realism Scenebuild Scenebuildable Scenebuilding Vegetable Vegetables Asset Assets 3D Scan Scanned

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