Power Rounds [Murder][TTT][PH][JB][MB][DR][GW]

Простое и удобное дополнение для добавления на ваш сервер «специальных» AKA Power Rounds. Все, что угодно, от простого «Замедленного» до очень сложных, например «Тег». Он полностью настраивается с изменяемыми цветами меню, размещением текста на экране и простотой создания пользовательских раундов.

Power Rounds addon

Поддерживает 12 gamemodes!


Go here and suggest other gamemodes that Power Rounds should support

Are your server players getting bored?

This will help brighten up any server with fun and interesting Power Rounds, either the default ones, or even ones you can make yourself!


  • Voting system(First person votes for a PR, now everyone else(Who are set to have access to voting) has (configurable) seconds to vote for what round they want, after time runs out, one with most votes is forced next round)
  • Fully customizable color scheme for menu (Any color on it can be changed)
  • Fully customizable messages and texts
  • No need for any custom FastDL stuff, everything is only Lua based
  • ULX permission support
  • Admins can force any of the rounds
  • Add-on format (Just drop it in addons and you are done)
  • Sleek and simple design for the menu, based off the murder gamemode scoreboard
  • Quick download (has no materials, only 4 small lua files)
  • 17 included Power Rounds (List can be seen lower) (4 for all, 7 for murder and 6 for TTT)
  • Easy to create more rounds even for a Lua beginner


Can be seen under media tab


  • Extract the zip file you download
  • Open the created folder
  • Copy the powerrounds folder over to your server addons folder


  • Go to addons\powerrounds\lua\autorun
  • Open config_powerrounds.lua
  • Customize the addon to you liking

To-Do list

Nothing at the moment :) If feel like anything should be added, tell me

Default Power Rounds

  • Slow Motion — {Any}The whole game is 2 times slower for this round!
  • Low gravity — {Any}The gravity is 3 times lower for this round!
  • No communication — {Any}Chat and voice communication is disabled!
  • TDM — {Any}TDM round with support for all gamemodes, this is meant more as an example to build from, shows setting and getting player roles!
  • TDM(Team DeathMatch) — {Murder}Half of you are murderers, other half bystanders, you only get your teams weapon and no hands, it’s a fight for your team!
  • OP Murderer — {Murder}All bystanders get a gun, but the murderer gets an RPG and grenades plus extra health depending on how many bystanders there are.
  • RPG Madness — {Murder}No guns or knives but everyone gets an rpg with loads of ammo. Normal murder rules apply!
  • Free for all — {Murder}You get both a gun and a knife, kill everyone you see! Last one standing wins!
  • Cat and mice — {Murder}No bystanders get guns but the murderer gets a knife and a gun, but he only gets 2 minutes to kill everyone before the bystanders win!
  • Mice and cat — {Murder}Murderer doesn’t have a knife and all bystanders have guns, but the bystanders only have 1 minute to find and kill the murderer, before he wins!
  • Tag — {Murder}When the murderer stabs someone they become the new murderer. Every 30 second the current murderer dies and a new person becomes murderer
  • Knife battle — {TTT}Everyone is an innocent with a knife. Last one alive is the winner!
  • Headshots only — {TTT}Bullets will hurt people only in their head. Normal TTT rules apply!
  • TDM — {TTT}Half of you are traitors, other half detectives. It’s a fight for your team!
  • Shuffle DM — {TTT}You are split in 2 teams, each time someone dies they get moved to opposite team. Team that has no more players loses.
  • Sudden death — {TTT}Everyone has 1 HP! Normal TTT rules apply.
  • Disguised mode — {TTT}Everyone is disguised. Normal TTT rules apply.


  • It has built in compatability for Tommy228’s TTT Spectator Deathmatch
  • It is not compatible with end round slow motion in rounds that have custom endings(Like free for all, because everyone is one role), but it is possible to edit the slow motion for it to work by adding a check for variable PowerRounds.CurrentPR which will be false if it’t not PR round, but table if it is.


If you have bought my addon and have ANY issues with it, feel free to submit a support ticket to me so I can help you.

I will NOT provide support for any custom Power Rounds you make on your own!

I will NOT make other custom Power Rounds for you for FREE, if you need extra custom Power Rounds I can make them, just not for free, price will be discussed.

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