PJDelivery – A new delivery system

Add a real and useful job to your server: Postman, the players can order things and be delivered by a real person if someone is available ! Otherwise, it’ll be an automatic delivery.

What’s that ?

PJDelivery is a delivery system which add a new job to your server, the postman.

If someone is in the postman job, he receives player’s deliveries requests or some automatics one.

If a player makes an order (just by press “Buy” in the F4 menu) of entities, weapons, shipments, vehicles, ammo : the postman will receive a request for the delivery and then he has the choice to accept or not, if he doesn’t accept the order will just be automatically delivered.

How is the player delivered ? The postman have to go to the storage center to pick up the package and then deliver it to the player dropbox.

There are two types of dropbox: the public, which can be used by every players, and the privates one, which are the property of the player who bought the house.

For example: A public dropbox is available at the gas station, everyone can use it to be delivered here. If a private dropbox is placed on the front of a house and linked at the entry door, only the door owner can choose this dropbox to be delivered !


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