OS UI — DarkRP UI Bundle (HUD, Scoreboard, F4, Notifications)

*Mac Icons are OPTIONAL and can be disabled.* OS UI is a complete bundle of all the essential DarkRP UI element’s for your server. Enjoy having the same HUD, Scoreboard and F4 menu all with the same style, look and feel. OS UI will work with any gamemode which is derived from DarkRP.

OS UI is a bundle for DarkRP which offers your server a consistent look and feel across the board. Designed with a modern, simple, yet sleek look and feel OS UI will help set your server apart from the crowd. It will work with any gamemode that is derived from DarkRP’s base and offers a simple yet beautiful collection for your server.

HUD Features
  • Traditional style box HUD as well as a Bar HUD. Both HUDs scale with Job Size, Wallet Size and Salary Size only using up space that is required.
  • DarkRP Hunger Mod support on both HUDs.
  • Smooth animations using LERP, as well as pulsating health when a player is about to die.
  • Lockdown, Agenda, Jail Time and Wanted pop-ups are all supported and ready to go.
  • Ammo Counter which displays basic weapon information.
  • Modern Player Overhead, replacing DarkRP’s traditional text-based overhead.
F4 Features
  • Full category support on all tabs within the F4 menu. Each tab is separated, as tradition, keeping everything clean and easy to access.
  • Full DarkRP command support, with custom interfaces for making player’s wanted or giving them a warrant.
  • Proper Job Previews with model selection prior to picking a job.
  • Full Job Description as well as what weapons (if any) the job comes with.
  • Both food and Vehicle tabs are supported.
  • Ability to hide specific content (that the user can’t access) if desired.
  • Configurable links that direct the user to: Website, Content and Donation.
Scoreboard Features 
  • Traditional style Scoreboard, sorted alphabetically based on Job Name
  • Easily create custom buttons to use on the scoreboard.
  • Clickable rows which show the user said commands.
  • Create custom ranks with custom colours as specific usergroups, making you stand out from everyone else.
  • Enable/Disable Scoreboard animations when opening.
Other Features
  • Mac OS Icons are OPTIONAL and can be disabled.
  • Custom notification system which scales based on the text inside. LERP animations are included as well.
  • Enable/Disable any major component included in this bundle.
  • Full configuration file included allowing you to easily modify the script.

Simply drag and drop os_ui_main.zip into your server’s addons folder, extract and restart your server.

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