[NLG] [TC13.0] Star Wars: 501st Legion. Classic.

501st Legion. These models are my tribute, to my favourite Star Wars unit. I’ve focoused more on the classic 501st design, that’s why there are no models, such as Rex, Fives or 332nd in this addon currently.

Models in this addon:

-501st Trooper
-501st Heavy trooper
-501st Medic
-501st Pilot (Based on clone wars season 7)
-501st Jet Trooper (Based on Battlefront 2 (2005)
-501st ARF Trooper (Custom design)
-501st ARC Trooper (Based on Battlefront 2 (2017) ,,Cobalt Hero»
-501st Officer
-501st EXO (Custom design)
-501st Leader (Commander Appo)

Jet trooper, ARF, Heavy, EXO have additional officer bodygroups such as pauldron, cama, gunpouches, rangefinder, in case you want to use them as command stuff models

This Addon was made with TC 13.0 base.

Additional bodygroups comes from Arc Task Force, huge thanks to Dragon
Armor bodygroup in Heavy Trooper comes from [V-RP] Clone Base pack

Modeling, base textures, entire TC 13.0 base — Helios
Reediting textures, reediting and converting some bodygroups to fit TC13 — Wover

It’s forbidden to reupload/edit this addon. It’s also forbidden to use .mld files of bodygroups modified by me (pauldrons, ARC Gear (arms and legs), custom Arc Helmet, ARC armor, Heavy Trooper armor, arc backpack, bacara helmet). It’s forbidden to modify/reupload textures.



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