LEAK Rprint 3.3

rPrint is a highly customizable interactive money printer with a full 3D2D interface.

Supports DarkRP 2.4.x as well as 2.5.x 3D2D
interface with buttons that can be pressed just by looking at the printer
Cooler with animated fan
Temperature sensor and overheating
Ability to remove or service printers when players disconnect
All values are updated in real time with customizable intervals.
Well optimized
Ability to turn off the cooler at random time
Additional explosion effect when overheating
The ability to quickly and easily add new printers or modify existing printers with all of the configuration options below
Customizable colors, money printing speed, heating speed, cooling speed, cooler efficiency, power consumption, recharge and cooling costs, printer health, police payments for printer destruction, and more other!


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